Rotary Shop將於2020年4月關閉



幾個月前,我們宣布Rotary Shop將於2020年4月關閉。因為越來越多社員使用國際扶輪的電子管道獲取信息,我們發現Rotary Shop的使用量大大減少,人們對可以下載的文件越來越有興趣。 如果您想從Rotary Shop訂購或下載,則3月31日將是最後一天。


我們最受歡迎的出版物的數位版本將在國際扶輪網站上(包括My Rotary和Rotary’s Learning Center扶輪學習中心)提供。某些出版物還將提供已備妥可以印刷的檔案,如果您想要的話,可以送去當地的印刷廠列印。




我們希望透過這種更新的方式使扶輪材料更容易獲得,從而更好地支持您拓展及參與扶輪的努力。 如有任何疑問,請寫信至。


Michele Berg







Dear Rotary member,


Several months ago, we announced that Rotary Shop would close in April 2020. As members increasingly turn to Rotary’s electronic channels for information, we’ve seen a substantial decrease in use of Rotary Shop and more interest in downloadable files. If you want to order or download from Rotary Shop, 31 March will be the last day to do so.


Digital versions of our most popular publications will be available on Rotary websites, including My Rotary and Rotary’s Learning Center. Some publications will also be offered as print-ready files that you can send to a local printer, if you’d like to.


Rotary-branded merchandise can be purchased directly from approved, licensed vendors.


We hope this updated way to make Rotary materials more accessible better supports your outreach and engagement efforts. If you have any questions, write to 


Michele Berg

Deputy General Secretary

Rotary International


cc: District governors and regional leaders