Program of Scale Grants





  • 解決定義明確及反映出社區優先事項的需求,並使社區領導人參與
  • 由扶輪社或地區贊助,並與經驗豐富的合作夥伴(例如非政府組織、私人機構或政府單位)一起實施,以協助計劃的設計、實施以及監督和評估要求
  • 使用扶輪社員的領導技能來指導計畫(專案)成功辦理,因為這些獎助金不應僅僅將資源轉交給夥伴組織而已
  • 包含可以可加以調整供其他有類似需求的社區使用的活動




扶輪社及地區必須具備申請扶輪基金會獎助金的資格。請了解有關資格認證程序 qualification process的更多資訊。



如要開始規劃您的計畫專案,請閱讀條款和條件 terms and conditions,然後下載提案書proposal和申請準則 application guidelines

提案請透過My Rotary之外的應用工具以線上提交。請創建一個Embark帳戶Create an Embark account以開始您的提案。

取得提案書Access Proposal



大規模獎助金計劃直接支援扶輪的「行動計劃」 Action Plan,以及有關獲得我們資助計劃的影響的更多資訊的指令。透過其設計、實施以及監督和評估程序,大規模獎助金計劃將說明扶輪在解決關鍵問題的價值,並為我們的合作夥伴提供扶輪的影響力和扶輪社員國際服務的切實證據。


請將問題寄至 programsofscale@rotary.org






本文由 台灣扶輪月刊/台灣扶輪出版暨網路資訊協會 譯自國際扶輪網站 programs of scale grants






Programs of Scale Grants

Programs of scale grants are competitive grants designed to respond to a need that a community has identified. They will benefit a large number of people in a significant geographic area using a sustainable, evidence-based intervention with measurable outcomes and impact. Each grant will support, for three to five years, activities that align with one or more of Rotary’s areas of focus.

Key points about programs of scale grants

Programs of scale grants should:

  • Address a clearly defined need that reflects community priorities and engages its leaders
  • Be sponsored by a Rotary club or district and implemented with an experienced partner, such as a nongovernmental organization, private institution, or government entity, to assist with program design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation requirements
  • Use Rotarian leadership to guide the project to succeed, because these grants should not simply transfer resources to partner organizations
  • Include activities that can be adapted for use by other communities with similar needs


Each year, one approved project will receive $2 million from The Rotary Foundation’s World Fund. Applicants are strongly encouraged to supplement Foundation funding with resources from multiple other sources.

Grant qualification

Clubs and districts need to be qualified for Rotary Foundation grants to apply. Learn more about the qualification process.

The application process

The Rotary Foundation will award one grant each year in a competitive process that requires a proposal and an application. Applicants should be prepared to include a fully developed and highly sophisticated project design, as well as include baseline data and plans for monitoring and evaluation. The project should involve activities that have proved to be successful elsewhere. The Rotary clubs or districts with the strongest proposals will be invited to submit applications, which will include comprehensive details about the project. Partner organizations can complete the proposal and application along with the Rotary club or district. Incomplete proposals and applications will not be considered.

To get started planning your project, read the terms and conditions, then download the proposal and application guidelines.

Proposals are submitted online through Embark, an application tool outside of My Rotary. Create an Embark account to begin your proposal.


Please note, at this time all Programs of Scale material is only available in English. Similarly, all proposal information and supporting documentation must be submitted in English.

Monitoring and evaluation

Programs of scale grants directly support Rotary’s Action Plan. and the directive to have more information on the impact of our grant-funded programs. Through their design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation process, programs of scale grants will illustrate the value of Rotary’s contribution to resolving critical issues and provide our partners with tangible evidence of the impact of Rotary and the international service of Rotarians.


If you have questions, please write to programsofscale@rotary.org.


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